We’re the litigation specialists that can help you legally recover consumer and business debt.

Are you owed money? But, do the costs of legal claims put you off? Do you trust non-solicitor debt collectors with deals that sound too good to be true? Do you question whether no win, no fee is actually risk free?

Perhaps you have low value or aged debts that traditional debt collectors or solicitors refuse to accept -or make terms uneconomical to recover?

Or perhaps you have already started a claim but didn't realise it can be moved to us, fully insured and fully funded?

We’re the litigation specialists that can help you get your B2B invoice debts paid, with no minimum debt value, with a guarantee that you will receive 100% of the face value of the debt - effectively costing you nothing.

We also recover all manner of B2C debts, with proven results from our unique, custom developed artificial intelligence based legal debt recovery platform.

Caresso Law can help you get what is owed to you. Specialist member law firms - whose solicitors are fully regulated - will commence litigation for the recovery of your debt.

Caresso Law's specialist purpose debt recovery vehicle purchases B2B debts and pays you 100% of whatever it recovers in respect of the invoice value, and up to 50% if it makes no recovery at all**, therein isolating you from all the legal costs of litigation, and most notably the exposure to adverse legal and court costs should you lose (often the reason claims are never litigated). Another distinct advantage is that you are also distanced though the sale of the debt, and litigation therefore is much less likely to affect any ongoing relationship with your clients.

Caresso Law is a very progressive, and very unique legal solution to litigating debts.

True no win, no fee***.

Where we excel.

Caresso Law is a consortium of regulated law firms, and wholly owned specialist purpose funding vehicles, specialising in fully funded business litigation and debt recovery. We focus on the needs of our clients first. For us, it’s important to get the best possible understanding of the situation and the specifics of the claim. This helps us to ensure that you will be represented by the strongest legal team with the right expertise in that area and that cares about the outcome of your claim.

Coupled with our own unique, and proprietary software and funding, we are able to offer hybrid solutions to firms looking to leverage the Caresso advantage, and its carefully developed in-house AI legal systems.

Everything we do from the insurance we provide, the way we fund your claim and our approach to litigation is focused on ensuring you can secure the outcome you deserve, typically without putting yourself at any financial risk.

How we work.

We are a consortium of law firms specialising in funding complex litigation and debt recovery. We provide enhanced insurance cover, benefits and credit exclusively to our clients. You get market-leading legal expertise, without the financial risk.

Our expert solicitors specialise in business claims focusing on funding complex and costly business disputes, claims and debt recovery, as well in other contentious areas.

why choose us?

As a consortium of specialist legal firms we ensure that you will always have the opportunity to work with the best possible solicitor for the needs of your case. By taking the time to understand the specifics of your claim, we ensure that your solicitor will have the experience, background and knowledge to look after your needs.

We can also guarantee that our solicitors will typically seek to represent you on a 100% no win, no fee basis***, with your claim being fully insured where appropriate. This means you will only have to pay any legal costs if your claim is successful. Every aspect of your claim will typically be brought without any financial risk.

Never be put off by the cost of bringing a claim. Not only will we completely fund and insure your claim, interest and risk free, in some circumstances we can also arrange a loan against your damages, and disbursements. You will also have the peace of mind to know that you won’t have to pay anything until you win. And if your claim is unsuccessful the capital and the interest on the loan is fully written off.

We’re the litigation
specialists that can help
you to get the justice you deserve.

*We will deduct from the amount received the interest, late payment charges and costs and expenses awarded by the court or agreed with the debtor and remit 100% of the balance of the amount received to you. Terms and conditions apply.

**Subject to terms and conditions, including full legal assignment with good title of the relevant debt. Offer applies only to unpaid, undisputed business to business debt incurred in respect of the supply of goods or services. Only applies to UK & EU small claims with an aggregate value of no greater than 5,000 Euros (5,000 sterling in the UK) excluding interest and late payment charges that are accepted by our expert solicitors after review as suitable. Payment is subject to your complete and ongoing compliance with all terms to which the assignment of the debt is subject including but not limited to that the debt is undisputed and you have not provided any misleading information in relation to it or failed to tell us something which would have been relevant to our decision about whether to agree to pursue the debt. The payment is only available where a court judgment in respect of the debt is obtained and has not be enforced within 90 days of the date of judgment.

***Terms and conditions apply. Payment of legal costs without recovery from you is subject to your compliance with the terms of the assignment.

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