From Litigation Futures - An article analysing the Civil Liability Act 2018

A worthwhile read analysing The Civil Liability Act 2018 and the effect on the Sector and the Legal culture of which it impacts. The article here brings mention to Caresso Law as one such possible next evolution.

"From a commercial perspective, the legal industry is fragmented, hugely inefficient and operated on a business model outdated in most other sectors by a few decades. The modern law firm looks beyond law, diversifying revenue streams by service, product, geography and even earning methods (i.e. not just the hourly fee). Law firms are hiring non-lawyers to run their business and getting listings, consolidation is only growing helped by hungry M&A bankers looking for opportunities, and technology is changing the way law is practised.

Any bill that helps consolidate the industry into a smaller number of higher-quality law firms (the recent launch of Caresso Law being one such potential) can be no bad thing."

A post created by Litigation Futures, Posted by Tets Ishikawa, director at Acasta Europe and senior advisor to Sparkle Capital.

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