Dental Negligence case news - 55k+

A Dental negligence case was settled out of court for a client who was an "exemplary" dental patient, that needed to have 15 teeth removed.

An ‘exemplary’ dental patient who never missed an appointment in over 30 years needed to have 15 teeth removed as abscesses in her gums rotted the bone away. This was despite the patient attending 50 routine appointments with her dentist spanning three decades. The patient only became aware of problems when visiting an alternative practice as her usual dentist was not available. She was informed, to her surprise, at that appointment that several of her teeth were beyond being saved, and she was referred to an implant clinic where further x-rays were taken and the full extent of her problems found.

The Legal Process

The patient contacted the Caresso Law member firm's dental negligence claims team for legal advice and support. Having requested dental records and taken the advice of independent experts, the member firm submitted a formal letter of claim to the dentist, alleging that between 1982 and 2014, despite carrying out root-fillings, extractions and crowns, the dentist failed to provide the expected level of care. Part of the allegations were that he kept re-cementing loose fillings and prescribed antibiotics for infections without investigating the cause of recurrent infections.

This matter was settled out of court through the dentist’s indemnifiers. Despite no formal admissions of negligence being made, a settlement of £55,000 was offered and agreed.

Matter Value: Substantial value claim – £55k

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