Motor Cycle Accident Case News - £550k+

Complex personal injury case resulting from a road traffic accident which left motorcyclist client with subtle traumatic brain injury. Case saw quantum of compensation disputed by Defendants at the Royal Courts of Justice in London, however Caresso Law member was successful in achieving settlement.

Serious Injury team acted for the client who was a motor cyclist involved in a serious road traffic accident. Liability, that is fault for the accident was accepted by the Defendant’s insurers.

However, quantum that is the amount of compensation that the client was entitled to for his injuries and associated financial losses following his subtle traumatic brain injury was vigorously disputed by the Defendant’s lawyers in the course of the legal proceedings in the High Court at the Royal Courts of Justice in London.

The Defendant’s case was that the client could achieve a full recovery from his brain injury with treatment, an argument disputed by the legal team and medical team at the member firm.

Despite the robust defence from the Defendant’s legal team, the member firm were successful in achieving a settlement based on a global valuation in excess of £550,000 without the case going to Trial before a High Court Judge. The settlement achieved for the client amounted to an acceptance by the Defendant’s legal team of the stance advocated by the member firms legal and medical team.

This was a very complex case and it was only when you spent considerable time in the company of the client that it became apparent that he had suffered a subtle yet significant brain injury. Prior to the accident, the client was a very outgoing and active person.

However, following the subtle brain injury his personality had changed significantly as evidenced in the case by his family. The key to succeeding in subtle brain injury cases is to spend time with the client and assemble as early as possible in the case a team of specialist medical experts to advance the Claimant’s case.

Matter Value: Substantial value claim – £550k +

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