PRESS RELEASE: Radical ‘No-fee debt recovery with recovery guarantee’ solution launched to assist COVID-19 stricken SME's in London, England - ‘Receive 100% of debts we recover. And up to 50% of those we don’t’.

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For release:  Noon, Wednesday 18 March 2020.
Radical ‘No-fee debt recovery with recovery guarantee’ solution launched in London, England
Caresso Law ushers in radical solution to ease SME debt-mountain: ‘Receive 100% of debts we recover. And up to 50% of those we don’t’.

London, England: Caresso Law (Litigation Funding) PLC – a spinoff of the rapidly expanding Caresso Law consortium of specialist litigation firms - has extended the already unique Caresso Law approach to fully funded litigation. Uniquely, firms instructing Caresso Law to recover commercial debts receive 100% of the debt face value recovered, and are guaranteed* up to 50% where no recovery is made. All legal costs, court fees, disbursements - and any adverse costs if the case is lost - are also funded and indemnified* by Caresso in what is a very unique industry first.

Lee Jones, CEO, said Our research clearly shows that the huge problem with supply chain debt is worsening in the face of economic uncertainty, Brexit and the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak. Caresso Law was originally established to offer fully funded access to justice, and has received around a thousand new requests for funded litigation in just the last 6 months alone. Our scheme has been extended and is now revolutionising debt recovery in a number of ways. Firstly, our quick and easy online service will fully fund the recovery and litigation process, indemnifying* our clients against all adverse costs if we lose. Secondly, we pass on 100% of what we recover up to the face value of the invoice. And most importantly, if our Solicitors make no collection at all, our Guarantee* will pay up to 50% of the face value of the invoice. That’s a real game changer as we see it, and a real boon for businesses across the UK.’

Promising to provide commercial clients with a clearer, less risky online route to access justice, Caresso Law dispenses with typical arrangements where a percentage of the debt is retained by a debt collector or Solicitor. It also averts the need for SME’s to fund legal action, or take any risk in, their own or adverse cost risks - irrespective of whether they win or lose.
This is an important development for the legal services sector because it is expected to reduce cost as well as risk, whilst increasing liquidity at a time when there is increasing market uncertainty and volatility.

SME’s are invited to register at Debts can be instantly and securely uploaded, tracked and recovered 24/7. 

About Caresso Law
Caresso Law is a consortium of law firms that specialise in funded litigation. Caresso Law (Litigation Funding) Plc is a public company and specialist purpose vehicle underwriting the scheme.
The firms have come together to form a consortium, managed by the media, advertising and press agent who specialise in niche legal marketing, technology and representation, negotiating special terms with insurers, funders and other strategic suppliers for the benefit of the consortia and their clients.

* Covers undisputed small business debts within the EU & UK. Is subject to terms, conditions and continued support by clients who have not provided misleading information. Debts that become defended or involve a counterclaim are subject to no win – no fee terms to be agreed on a case by case basis.

For total peace of mind, Caresso Law also provides free initial legal advice to anyone seeking to litigate.  Contact Caresso Law 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via telephone and online at

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