We’re the litigation specialists that can help you.

Have you been wronged? But, do the costs of legal claims put you off? Do you trust solicitors with deals that sound too good to be true? Do you question whether no win, no fee is actually risk free?

Perhaps you already started a claim but didn’t realise it can be moved to us, fully insured and fully funded?

We’re the litigation specialists that can help you get your claim settled swiftly, and at the best possible value.

In most injury cases we can look to secure an interim payment (typically at least £1,000) once liability has been established. In some more serious cases we can consider arranging a loan* up to £200,000 secured against your damages to help with living expenses, costs of rehabilitation, health care, adaptations to your property and other essential out of pocket costs. The interest and capital is only repayable if and when you win – with the interest included as part of your claim.

True no win, no fee***.

Where we excel.

We specialise in a variety of claims. We focus on the needs of our clients first. For us, it’s important to get the best possible understanding of the situation and the specifics of the claim. This helps us to ensure that you will be represented by the strongest legal team with the right expertise in that area and that cares about the outcome of your claim.

Everything we do from the insurance we provide, the way we fund your claim and our approach to litigation is focused on ensuring you can secure the compensation you deserve, without putting yourself at any financial risk.

You could even get a loan against your damages to help alleviate the symptoms and cover costs, such as living expenses and rehabilitation.

How we work.

We are a consortium of law firms specialising in funding complex litigation. We provide enhanced insurance cover, benefits and credit exclusively to our clients. You get market-leading legal expertise, without the financial risk.

Our expert solicitors specialise in personal claims focusing on complex and catastrophic personal injury and clinical negligence, as well in other contentious areas.

This area of the law can be complicated. If your claim involves clinical negligence, it’s vital to be able to show a breach of the duty of care that the medical professional owed to you, your loved one, or your family member. Personal injury claims can be very complex and often need the expertise of a specialist solicitor to get the result you deserve. And when emotions are running high when contesting a will or submitting a claim under the Inheritance Act, it’s important to have a calming influence with a detailed insight of the law acting on your behalf.

why choose us?

As a consortium of specialist legal firms we ensure that you will always have the opportunity to work with the best possible solicitor for the needs of your case. By taking the time to understand the specifics of your claim, we ensure that your solicitor will have the experience, background and knowledge to look after your needs.

We can also guarantee that our solicitors will represent you on a 100% no win, no fee basis***, with your claim being fully insured. This means you’ll only have to pay any legal costs if your claim is successful. Every aspect of your claim will be brought without any financial risk.

Never be put off by the cost of bringing a claim. Not only will we completely fund and insure your claim, interest and risk free, in some circumstances we can also arrange a loan against your damages. You’ll have the peace of mind to know that you won’t have to pay anything until you win. And if your claim is unsuccessful the capital and the interest on the loan is fully written off.

We’re the litigation
specialists that can help
you to get the justice you deserve.

*Loans are underwritten by a third party supplier, subject to the Consumer Credit Act and status. This is not an offer or guarantee of finance.

**Non-personal injury/clinical claims requiring after the event (ATE) insurance will be subject to a deposit premium at the point of issuing a Letter Before Action (LBA). This is typically £2,700; the remainder of which — along with all costs and disbursements — is totally contingent upon the outcome of your claim and must only be paid following successful litigation.

***We will waive all costs in the event that your claim is unsuccessful along with any unrecovered costs and you will not be required to pay back any loan provided to you unless you have deliberately misled us, the lender, the court or any expert or you otherwise fail to cooperate.

There is no deposit premium on personal injury and clinical/medical negligence claims.

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