A unique range of no win - no fee legal services.

Practical advice, legal services, funding and platform technologies that will transform your business.

We principally advise on, and provide, niche legal services and a range of law-tech solutions, as well as pre-built transactional platforms for the legal and debt collection industry in the UK and EU. We also provide litigation funding, services as well as startup and growth funding to companies requiring a combination of advice and high-technology to launch or grow their business exponentially. We are also pleased to announce the launch of our complimentary AML and KYC compliance services, providing free sanctions screening for companies worldwide, which compliments our outsourced credit control and debt litigation services.

why choose us?

We provide a range of unique legal services, based on classical legal elements fused with high-technology.

We innovate in the sectors upon which we advise and provide our eco-system of technologies and services.

These technologies that compliment our legal and funding solutions are positively disruptive.

We provide a range of adjunct para legal and technological services to our core proposition.

We advise on, and invest in, litigation as well interesting startups requiring funding for platform technology and growth.

Caresso Law incorporates a consortium of regulated law firms. **

The core of our propositions are underwritten by the provision of the best advice and services that are complimented by a consortium of law firms, managed and operated by Caresso Law, and accessible via our technology platforms and online services.

Our debt litigation platform is licensable to law firms and debt collection companies across the UK and EU. Businesses gain access to litigation funding, and transactional legal services via a fully automated and digitised legal services platform.

Our free AML screening services are delivered via our technology, and supported by advice from our consortium members.

And a few words from a corporate client:

"As a large multi-national tech group, we have our fair share of unpaid debt. We were introduced to Caresso Law and successfully use their unique digital platform to recover tens of thousands of debts, and we can't recommend them highly enough."

Source: Smartfrog International