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We work with affiliates and consortium member Law Firms in the British Isles and EU:

Perhaps you are a firm of accountants with clients that invariably have to write off book debts at year end.

Perhaps you are a trade association, Union or other organisation, professional adviser or simply a referrer whose members, or client's, could benefit from our unique SLA underwritten debt litigation scheme. Contact us to schedule a call.

Perhaps you you are a Solicitor (or Barrister) already handling any other complex claim in the High Court, and your client needs to switch to a funded conditional fee, or damages based agreement. If so Contact us to schedule a call.

Perhaps you are a Law Firm (or Barrister) wishing to handle claims and work for Caresso Law, and are interested in joining our consortium. If so Contact us to schedule a call.

Perhaps you are a partner, or advertiser, or work source, wishing to introduce work, or work in any other way with Caresso Law. If so Contact us to schedule a call.

Contact offer attractive introducer fees for debt Litigated by us through our Caresso Care outsourced credit control service and our Caresso Law Ad-HOc debt litigation service. We also operate a revenue sharing agreement for commercial litigation introduced to Caresso Law.

Joining Caresso Law.

We understand that litigation can be a risky business and for many companies there is a desire to avoid it at all cost.

Our unique propositions, in particular our very disruptive redefining of B2B debt litigation system, significantly mitigate, and in most cases, completely negate all material risks. This combined with our Channel Islands based specialist purpose litigation funding vehicle - and associated litigation funding & underwriting proposition may afford you significant additional commercial benefits and income through an affiliation with Caresso Law.

We also offer revenue sharing agreements to qualified partners, influencers, advertisers and marketeers. Your srarting point is our Affiliate Programme. For all other proposals, or interest in joining our consortium , please complete the form below and one of our team will contact you.

The small print explained.

*Our unique invoice bad-debt purchasing and litigation scheme has been developed for the recovery of undisputed business-to-business invoice debts that relate exclusively to the supply of goods and/or services ("Debt"). A business is a registered company, entity or partnership ("Businesses") but does not include sole-traders. Our solicitors seek to recover their cost's directly from the debtor pursuant to EU & UK legislation. We retain interest & statutory late payment charges to cover the cost and risk of providing our service and SLA in which we also 'guarantee' the payment of Debt below £/€ 5,000 where our solicitors, having agreed to take to court, fail to make a recovery - save as for where the debtor is, or appears to be, insolvent.

We will pay you 100% of invoices we recover subject to our SLA, which excludes insolvency litigation, and may include further deductions depending on the age of the debt and type of litigation, amongst other things.

If we fail to make a recovery and are unable to proceed your matter to court, we will simply re-assign the invoice to you, and you will not have anything to pay.

**All risk in the legal costs, court costs, hearing fees, counsel and expert fees, disbursements and the like, along with those of the debtor should we lose, typically rest with Caresso Law whose Specialist Purpose Litigation Vehicle ("SPV") takes a legal assignment of Debt(s) and litigates them in its own name, and at its own risk, for your total peace of mind. We and instructed solicitors will waive all costs (along with any unrecovered costs) in the event that your claim is unsuccessful and you will not be required to pay back any litigation funding facility provided by Caresso Law provided to you unless you have deliberately misled us, the SPV, the court, the appointed solicitor or any expert or you otherwise fail to cooperate.

There must remain a reasonable prospect of success (at our absolute sole discretion) for us to commence and/or continue court action. Full Terms and Conditions provided when you use our service(s).

This means that you can take full comfort that in the event that we fail to make a recovery, or lose the case, provided you have complied you will not have anything to pay.

why choose us?

As a consortium of specialist legal firms we ensure that you will always have the opportunity to work with the best possible solicitor for the needs of your case. We make sure that we do all that we can to really get under the skin of your operation and understand your business needs. This means that we work with you to secure the best possible outcome from litigation.

Crucially we understand the commercial issues when it comes to complex and ongoing ligation. Our unique proposition, insurance and funding means that you can go the distance on your legal claims without placing your business at risk.

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